It’s Early Morning

It’s early morning here. Still dark out but everyone is up except Daisy. She woke earlier and nursed and bit me and went back to sleep.

Thankfully we have a morning routine that allows the bouncy people to be bouncy and the quiet people to ruminate peacefully.

The children are scattered about the house.

Jack in the living room with me, drinking tea out of his “frog cup” which he is carefully putting back on the coffee table between sips (“Can it hold tea? It’s a coffee table.” he asked).



Mouse in my room- hopefully not spilling her tea on my bed. She’s probably reading and in a bit I’ll remind her to have devotions.

Buggle is in his room. He’s had his devotions and is probably reading too. In a bit I’ll ask him to come down and pour himself a cup of tea. He can’t read for too long in the morning, he gets grouchy (just like his mother).

Bull is in the new play space in the basement. He wakes up all awake and ready to go! I’ll have him jump for ten minutes on the mini trampoline in a bit but I want a cup of tea first (I’m not one of the bounce awake people in this family!) I’ve given him a Lego project from the Thirty Day Lego Challenge? so he’s busy engineering an amusement park ride!

I like this!

Everyone busy with their thing, plenty of space for each one to start their day as suits them best, and (hopefully) come together for morning jobs, breakfast and prayers with good attitudes.

It’s the attitudes that make all the difference in our day. I try to provide a calm, stress free environment but even so sometimes the attitudes are poor once the children are asked to dress and start their day. We have to reset, sometimes sending people back to bed for a “do over” sometimes giving a few minutes of standing in a corner to think.

Isn’t that true for all of us? We all find it not too hard to be cheerful and happy, as long as we can do what we want. The test comes when we have to do something else, and submit our desires to someone else’s needs.

Can we handle it? Or do we pout and fuss?

What do the children have as a model?

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