Jack:Eight Months

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There really isn’t a whole lot to say here. He’s a joyful, cheerful baby who still doesn’t sleep through the night, eats everything I am willing to feed him, crawls and has started doing this:

What am I doing now?

First: Hold onto the bars and kneel

Get a good grip and bring a leg forward

Place one foot on the floor.

Pause a moment to think of the next step. Yell loudly to encourage yourself several times!

One more good pull- and I’m standing!

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2 Responses to Jack:Eight Months

  1. Kendra says:

    Right good-lookin’ youngun you got there, ma’am! Might just be smart too. 🙂

    • K_Steinmann says:

      Full of beans, he is, and so LOUD! Now that he’s crawling and pulling up I’m having to get back into toddler mode. It’s a bit of an adjustment….K

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