Joy Dare: February 1

I’m trying to participate in Ann Voskamp’s February Joy Dare listing three things that brought joy each day.

Yesterday’s challenge was to notice these things at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm:

11:30 am: Finishing the errand running for the week- which is really the errand running for two weeks aside from getting milk which we have to get every few days. Having a shopping partner who is willing to follow the same schedule and help with the children makes a bunch of errands every two weeks so much easier!

2:30 pm: a beautiful day to visit one of our city parks with our playgroup (4 mamas and eight children between the ages of 6 and 1)! We walked and the children ran, and climbed on the rocks, looked at the animals (there is a small zoo) and wore themselves out. W practiced jumping out of a moving stroller and F read all the signs and stopped one of the two year olds from jumping into a creek! They were SO filthy when we came home and exhausted as was I but these sunny warm days in the winter are such a blessing.

6:30 pm: S came home unexpectedly early as the meeting he had was canceled. I had been running out of energy quickly and he jumped in to help with baths and bedtime! Then some friends came by to talk and was so glad he was home to keep the conversation moving!

Today’s Challenge: 3 things overheard today: all gifts…

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