Joy Dare: February 2 & 3

For February 2: Three things overheard – all gifts

  • Su on the couch with Go Dogs Go reading it to W and making him repeat the words after her. “I’m teaching him to read.” she said.
  • F in his room in the morning drinking tea and reading Genesis 1 to himself. He won’t read anything other Scripture passages by himself yet but he’s read Genesis 1 so many times he’s nearly memorized it!
  • W hearing me say “It’s time to clean up.” and bustling about singing the clean-up song to himself- half-lyric and half jabber with a good bit of the tune missing but the rhythm down.

  • For February 3: Three gifts found in writing

  • F’s good report from his teacher. She sees real progress in his social skills especially in talking to his friends when they are doing things that he didn’t expect. His fine motor skills are improving too and he is more willing to try to write neatly.
  • This from Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones via Ann Voskamp (emphasis mine)….

    ?He came ? I say ?? and lived and died and rose again and sent the Holy Spirit in order that you and I might live the Sermon on the Mount?
    If only all of us were living the Sermon on the Mount, men would know that there is dynamic in the Christian gospel;
    They would know that this is a live thing;
    They would not go looking for anything else.
    We are all meant to exemplify everything that is contained here in these Beatitudes?
    This is not merely a description of the Hudson Taylors or George Mullers or the Whitefields or Wesleys of this world ?
    it is a description of every Christian.
    We are all of us meant to conform to its pattern and to rise to its?standard.
    ? ~?Martyn Lloyd-Jones

  • Looking at my list of things to do this week and realizing that most of them were accomplished!
  • Today’s Challenge: Find three gifts when bent down!

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