July Goals: 3 in 30 Challenge

And here we are – the beginning of a new month and it’s time to update my goals . First let’s evaluate what was accomplished in June...

Physical: I’m still losing weight and eating salads. I’ve been having a lot of trouble exercising though since it’s been so hot and humid. Maybe I need to change my morning schedule and walk in the morning while S has the children (I usually use that time to write and have devotions). Now that we have enough bike equipment that we can all go biking together I’m hoping to make that a regular part of our weekends which will definitely help with my exercise goals.

New Goal: Walking two mornings a week and two family bike rides this month.

Spiritual: Having devotions every day is still not accomplished but I am finding that having devotions with the children is happening everyday. They have really enjoyed keeping a Thanksgiving journal so I think we will continue with that.

New Goal: If I miss devotions in the morning have them at nap-time-first thing.

Household: Laundry was my big thing to work on this month and keeping things to no more loads than I can complete in a day has helped a lot. I think I still need to focus on this so I’m going to continue it for July.

New Goal: Get all the laundry that was done today, put away today…

School: We start a new six week session on July 11. My goal for July is to complete the things I’ve planned for.

Personal: Complete two of the writing projects I have on my calendar.

As usual I’ll be checking in at 3in30 so come meet me over there or see what I’m up to here or on the Sticks, Stones and Chicken Bones Facebook Page.

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