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After a busy week of preparations for Christmas, Bull’s birthday, Christmas pageant at church (I’ll be posting pictures once I have some), Christmas Eve service (for which I was able to robe and sing with the choir), Christmas Day Feast with Friends, and Boxing Day celebration with my parents, we are all glad to settle down for a couple of quiet days.

S has some time off, the children have new toys to try out and books to read. In a couple of days S and I will celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary (hard to believe). Then two more days of family time and back we go into the swing of things.

No school going on right now, although Mouse (Su) and I will probably read together and finish up her last few lessons. I’m working on some new unit studies, and fine-tuning the schedule to accommodate some new opportunities for learning.

Right now the two bigs are playing in Mouse’s room and S and Bull are making French Toast. That is S is making French Toast and Bull is helpfully bringing ingredients! I just heard S explaining to him that baking powder is for pancakes but not French Toast!

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