Kitchen Skills for the Three Year Old

Bull is my most enthusiastic kitchen helper these days! Considering the amount of food he puts away at dinner this is probably a good thing! We joke that he’s going to have to get a job when he’s a teen so we can afford to feed him.

Anyway…he is really quite handy to have in the kitchen as he knows where nearly everything I use regularly is and is delighted to fetch it. He is also a little frightening to have in the kitchen as he is considerably less cautious than Buggle and less predictable than Mouse, so he needs a sharp eye on him at all times. I have a strict rule that he is not to touch anything without permission and enforce it swiftly by sending him to sit where I can see him but he can’t see what I’m doing.

The other day I realized that he has gotten big enough to start doing some cutting jobs. We have an old serrated fish knife that we use for a first knife. It has a blunted tip, and while sharp enough to cut bread or mushrooms isn’t sharp enough to slide and cut a finger. I had gotten two pounds mushrooms on sale and wanted to cut them up for frying and freezing. Bull did nearly all the work.

First I had him break the caps off of the mushrooms

Then he carefully sliced the caps into 4 to 6 pieces.

He was very careful with his knife.

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3 Responses to Kitchen Skills for the Three Year Old

  1. You are so brave and patient and good.

    • K_Steinmann says:

      I aspire to be. I have the children in the kitchen with me because I like cooking and I want to include them in the things I like. My sister (her children are about the same ages) likes doing laundry (strange woman!) so her children are good at laundry! Hope the sickness clears up for you all soon!…K

  2. Lydia says:

    What a little darling, helping out! I need to get a good blunt knife to my 3 year old can do this, too. Thanks for linking up and for a great post!

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