Last Things

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This is a week of last things. Doing things that have been part of our routine for the past several years or even just since the end of the school year, Things that we used to distinguish one day from another: Choir practice on Monday nights, supper with neighbors and friends on Wednesdays, Speech Therapy for Bull twice a week those have been the ways we went through our weeks.

“Is it a speech day?”

“Is it people-coming-over-day?”

Annual events as well are happening for the last time here: Bull’s birthday celebration with a cake made by his beloved Miss Sue. She has made all of his birthday cakes and it will be strange to have a cake made by Mama in 2014.

The annual Epiphany Lessons and Carols service at our church. This will be the third Ephiphany Lessons and Carols I’ve sung here and as always the music is challenging and the fellowship at practice is one of the highlights of my week. Last night was our last practice before we go and I’m missing them already.

Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll have coffee with friends and try to squeeze into a couple of hours all that we’ve meant to say but never gotten around to.

Friday we’ll do all that last minute cleaning and Saturday we’ll pack the truck, do the final walk-through and turn in our keys.

It will be the end of an era in our lives, and the beginning of a new adventure.

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  1. Sadder than I’d expected given that I’ve only been with you once, in person!

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