Laundry Daze Part II

A while back I posted about how frustrating my laundry routine was and how much trouble I have getting the laundry done. I thought I should update you on how it’s going these days…

I’ve started putting a load on before I go to bed and using the timer setting on my machine to have it run at about 6 am. That way when we start chores there is a load ready for the dryer without my having to do anything.

Swapping the laundry from the washer to the dryer and putting in the next load is now one of F’s jobs at both morning and lunch chore times. If I’ve put a load on the night before that means that the last load is ready? for the dryer right before naps at 1 pm.

I have F bring me the dry load (it’s been too hot to fold clothes in the non-air-conditioned utility room and I fold one load during morning chores, one at lunch-time, and one during evening chores. The children put away their own stuff and carry the rest of the folded laundry to the correct room.

I’m only doing this Monday through Thursday. On Friday I run a load if needed. Today I’ll run a load because we have a pile of wet stuff from playing in the wading pool last night. Otherwise I concentrate on getting everything folded, ironed and hung so that we can easily find clothes for Sunday and Monday.

This no laundry on Friday is probably my favorite change. Friday is usually the day we run errands, get together with friends to play and so on, and laundry that was started on Friday always ended up being completed on Saturday or hanging around until Monday.

Now if I could just figure out what happened to all of S’s dark socks….

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4 Responses to Laundry Daze Part II

  1. Jenni says:

    Ah, laundry… That is one of my goals as well. I love that you have a timer on your washer! I would totally use it all the time if I had one! 🙂

  2. claire says:

    I hate laundry with 6 of us its a nightmare,good for you on getting it sorted 🙂

  3. K_Steinmann says:

    Well, it’s taken a lot of little changes…keep working at it and I’m sure you’ll find a good scheme for laundry too…K

  4. aurie says:

    how cool that you have a timer on your washer!! That would be wonderful to have 🙂

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