Load Off Of My Mind

I know, I know I’ve done it again- disappeared for several weeks with no explanation. Bad blogging…but that’s how it goes sometimes. I simply haven’t had anything to say, or if I did I had too many other things going on to form coherent sentences.

When I last posted I was packing to go to S’s sister’s wedding in Kentucky..We did that complete with two children with strep throat (as we learned when we got down there) and came home again. The wedding was nice but tiring what with being up in the night with the sick ones and traveling 10.5 hours with cranky sick children on the way down and the way back…

So we got back on a Monday and plunged right back into the routine of taking F to school, trying to clean up around here, maybe move on to some Fall projects and other things.

Last weekend we had another wedding (here locally though so no travel involved) and then all this week I was busy with the last minute arrangements for the church’s Fall Festival which I was chairing this year.

That was yesterday and it went OK. The weather turned REALLY cold all of a sudden. All week we had been thinking we would have mid-60’s and sunshine and when we woke up yesterday it was overcast, windy and about 50F! Not really community fair/church picnic weather. It never did actually rain, although it sprinkled a few times so all was OK and the children who attended seemed to have a good time.

The vegetarian food vendor pulled out on Friday, but S is a great vegetarian cook and saved the day with his curried lentils and rice. And none of the other crises were all that dire…

The amazing thing to me is that all of a sudden I can write again, so here after almost three weeks is a post!

Continually Giving Thanks:

  • a husband who can cook for a crowd
  • F who was an amazing help/gopher for 6 hours in the cold yesterday
  • antibiotics when you need them
  • it never did actually rain yesterday
  • no more writer’s block!!!
  • and many more….

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