Make-Up Day (Or Days?)

One of the traps of homeschooling is becoming so tied to what I’ve planned that I’m fretted and stressed if we don’t complete it in the time frame I’ve imagined (and it often is imaginary as planning rarely takes into account the actual flow of life!). Another one is the tendency to say “Oh, we had a busy week and we didn’t get everything done I wanted to, but there was still learning going on and it was all worthwhile, so it’s OK”.

Obviously a stressed out Mama doesn’t do much good, but a lassez-faire one can be just as bad. So last week we did have a busy week, and I couldn’t find Buggle’s reading book at one point (tells you how organized I am doesn’t it?), so this week we will be having at least one “make-up” day. We’ll look at the plan for last week and see what needs to be completed before we can move on.

This will actually work out well as I have a chiroprator appointment during school hours on Wednesday which would have effected school anyway and I’m waiting for a new planner from A Well Planned Day to arrive as well.

Plus the rain we’ve had since Saturday continues today, and we had a party yesterday with about twenty people and a number of children so there’s some cleaning up that needs to happen (as in I’ve run the dishwasher twice so far and S handwashed a bunch of big pots and there are still dishes!). I think I’ll pull some active ideas off of my Free Play and Rainy Days boards on Pinterest and intersperse them with chores and school to keep everyone occupied and motivated (including me!).

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