Maryland Renn Faire 2012

Last Saturday Su and J and I went to the Maryland Renn Faire with some friends. F was supposed to go too but woke up with a stomach bug so he stayed home with S and W.

Of course we went in costume. A vest over a fancy dress and a kerchief are easy and look nice

Su loved the pony ride and went twice

The variety of people and period was amazing

Dragon exhibit!! Actually a twenty foot python about as big around as my lower leg!

J stared and stared and refused to nurse lest he miss something!

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2 Responses to Maryland Renn Faire 2012

  1. Kendra says:

    Hey, I’ve seen those clothes before! 😀

    These are adorable photos… J is such a wittle munchkin! <3

    • K_Steinmann says:

      Who’d have thunk the things they wore to your wedding would make such a great costume? It’s W’s vest. F can still wear his…K

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