Monday Beginnings

Ah Monday…The beginning of the week and the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week. Have a good day today and the week will probably go well. Get off schedule today and I’ll probably never catch up. More and more I realize that one of my most import tasks is setting the stage. I need to do certain things before we ever try to get up or do chores or school. My list of things to do the night before to have a smooth day keeps growing, but it does make the day smoother and doesn’t take much out of the evening.

This morning we woke up and heard the children in their room. We prepared ourselves for the snuggling onslaught but no one came in. After a few minutes we got up and went to look. All three were sitting on F’s bed and he was reading to them! How nice not to be jumped on first thing in the morning.

Here are a few more things I’m thankful for:

  • siblings who are kind to one another
  • an unexpected visit from one of S’s sisters
  • cooler weather and a spritz of rain
  • a snuggly toddler
  • children who sit still in church
  • singing
  • a good deal on vegetables
  • seeing friends we haven’t seen for years
  • having a week with almost no activities that take me out of the house
  • plans to get together with my sister in a couple of weeks

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