More Spring Break!

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Last week was supposed to be our Spring Break/ Get Ready For Easter Feast week. A nasty stomach virus (please be the last sickness for a few months!) changed that plan as the children started getting sick on Tuesday and while recovering are still not well. So what does a homeschooling Mama do?

Declare another week of Spring Break!

We all still need some extra rest and recovery time. S isn’t even going to work today as he still feels ill and exhausted. The house looks like it was picked up at the corners and shaken vigorously! I made a big dent in the laundry yesterday but want to wash everyone’s bedding and disinfect everything in sight to be sure we’ve got the germs out of the house!

Plus with dealing with sick children I didn’t get any of my extra projects done, and some of them have to be done before we can start some new and exciting school studies!

Today the weather is supposed to be warm and lovely. I am planning to open every door and window and air out the place, then clean until I need a nap!

But everyone is on the mend and that is good news!

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