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Recently I’ve taken to carrying a notebook and pen in my apron pocket during the day. None of my dresses have pockets (why is it that women’s clothes in general have fewer pockets than men’s clothes anyway?) so I bought two packs of Kitchen aprons at Sam’s Club and I put one on every morning, just so I can have pockets.

Anyway one of the things that I’ve started carrying routinely is a little notebook and a pen. Often when I’m in the middle of something I will think, “You know if I did such and such (usually unrelated thing) that would be an improvement.”

The problem is I either forget about whatever it was before finishing what I’m working on, or I drop what I’m doing to go start something new and nothing is ever completed.

Thus I’ve started carrying “my brain” in my pocket! It’s really a hodgepodge, not organized in any way, and very cryptic. Into it goes everything from blog post information, to recipes and notes for future projects in the house or yard. I usually have a “working page” for each of the following: Phone Calls (who to call and whether or not I did), Blog Posts (titles and/or brief synopsis), To Do (at least for the week and sometimes broken down by day).

It seems like a lot of writing but since most of it either gets updated while I drink my tea in the morning or in short notes in midst of everything else it really just grows on its own and keeps me going when I need to know what to do next.

How do you keep yourself going?

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