“Oh to Make This Garden Grow”

Two weeks ago I started turning the backyard into garden-able space. When we moved in we set up the children’s sandbox but didn’t really do anything else. The yard is basically devoid of plant life so I’ve planned to put a raised bed down one side of the yard which will give me about 200 square feet of growing space while leaving the children the rest of the yard to play in…

The first step was to acquire some dirt. I managed to get a load of woodchips for free and a friend was kind enough to haul two loads of well rotted horse manure for me.

The children and I built a raised bed…

beginning to build the raised bed

I used 2×10 pine boards supported by 18 inch grade stakes hammered into the ground and screwed to the 2×10’s.

construction details

The end up by the patio will have a curved herb bed outlined in brick outside of the wooden frame.

corner by the patio

The children helped by fetching and carrying, standing on boards while I cut them etc. Construction took about an hour and since then I’ve gotten the bed about half filled with dirt. Another couple of afternoons of work should do the trick, then all I’ll have to do is wait for warm weather!

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