Old and Decrepit!

This was the conversation at lunch today:

Su: Mom, how many are you? (she means how old am I, one of her favorite questions)

Me: 34

Su: Mom, you are old and decrepit! (wild giggling)

Me: No I’m not.

F and Su: Yes, you are. You’re old and decrepit! (more giggling)

Me (in a quavery voice): Well, I can’t read you a story then. My voice is too quavery and my eyes aren’t working right.

Su: Mom, you’re not old and decrepit. You’re new and decrepit.

F: Su that isn’t right. You can’t say “new” and “decrepit”.

Su: Why?

F: (flounders about trying to explain, he understood that the concepts didn’t match up but couldn’t quite explain)

I explained and they went back to eating lunch. What kinder!

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