Our Old Place

Here are a few pictures of the house we built near Lynchburg, VA. It is rather unique as we built it for ourselves and incorporated things that we really like (passive solar, lots of windows, high ceilings etc.)

Front of House Faces South

It is energy efficient and designed with the idea that it would eventually be a grandparents’ house so all of the doorways are wheelchair accessible.

A few other views:

Almost the entire South face is glass

It was a good house for us and we had planned to live there for a long time, but job situations changed and now we need to sell it as we can’t afford to keep up two places….

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2 Responses to Our Old Place

  1. Rhonda says:

    I have enjoyed reading about you all. I am a Christian homeschooling mother of two children, ages 6 and 10. We are looking to move either to Lynchburg or Roanoke and do some homesteading in the next 6 months to a year depending on how fast we can sell our place. We feel God is leading so we must follow. I wanted to ask if maybe you had more pictures of your land and could give me some more description of it. Are there any restrictions? Is there any pasture available? Do you have any creeks that run through your property? How are your neighbors (good community?) We will be coming to Roanoke the 3rd week in April for our spring break and if this is still available would like to come by. Thank you in advance for your time!!
    Have a most blessed night!!

    • K_Steinmann says:


      I will try to post some more pictures tomorrow during nap time. There are no creeks but there is a good spot for a pond (it was in our long term plans. There is some partially cleared land that would make pasture (good for goats at the moment and we used electric fencing). There is a chicken shed with a fenced yard, a woodshed and a mini-barn (12×20) with part of it finished (insulated and wired). We used that for a guest room, but I had also intended to use it as a schoolroom.
      We bought the land with the intention of homesteading and found that we had good access to both Lynchburg and Charlottesville Farmer’s Markets. It simply ended up being not where we were led to be….I could certainly come out and show you the place when you’re in the area. I’ve had a couple of other inquiries so we’ll just have to see where things are by then….


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