Potty Training Blues

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Several weeks ago W came home from church and declared:

“J is a baby. He wears diapers. I’m not a baby, I don’t wear diapers. Give my diapers to B (a little boy at church).”

“That’s all very well, ” I said, “but no diapers means you have to stay dry and go potty in the potty.”

The next week, the two big children had a day camp all week so I was able to concentrate on potty training. Peeing went great, bowel movements not so much, but I’ve always known he’d have trouble with that as he has some issues unless I give him a LOT of fiber.

We progressed from underwear at home and pull-ups when out to underwear everywhere except in bed.

And then yesterday he went through TWELVE pairs of underwear! TWELVE!

So discouraging…I got frustrated and put him back in a diaper.

Today is a new day though and some of those accidents were him almost making it to the potty but not quite. We’ll try again.

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2 Responses to Potty Training Blues

  1. Clementine (almost 3.5) has been potty trained for nearly a year, and she still has spells of peeing in her pants. I’m not talking about one accident, but about three accidents in one day. It’s very frustrating. I would love to have Charleigh (almost 2) trained by the time the baby gets here in Nov.; we’ll see. Best wishes to you!

    • K_Steinmann says:

      I’m thinking it’s about time to break out the incentive chart. I think I’ll make a quick trip to the dollar store when I run errands this week….For Su it was pink hair ribbons, I’m thinking about trucks for W…K

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