Praying the Psalms: 18:1-20

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Sometimes the images in this Psalm make me uncomfortable. They remind me a little too much of the mythical creatures I learned about in school who destroyed everything they touched. I wonder do I really want to be associated with a God who destroys?

Yet look at what is being destroyed:

sorrows of death
fear of wicked men
sorrows of hell/death/Hades
deep waters
men who hated me
a day of calamity

Haven’t we all experienced at least some of those things? And don’t we all sometimes (often?) need a champion? Remember too that if something or someone is changed from what they were can’t we say that they were in a sense destroyed? If sorrow is turned to joy it isn’t sorrow anymore…


What are your sorrows? What are your days of calamity? How have you dealt with them? How has God dealt with them?

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