Praying the Psalms:95,32, 143 Ash Wednesday

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Do you find it as thought -provoking as I do that the first Psalm that we read on the first day of Lent is a Psalm of praise? The other two are Psalms of repentance and pleading for God’s mercy- but we begin with praise.

Not just a little praise either we are invited to make a “joyful noise” not once but twice in the first two verses.

A “joyful noise”? What is that? Is it singing? Perhaps, certainly we are invited to sing in verse one as well. I was thinking about this the other day when I was in a bad mood and was cleaning up the kitchen with rather more noise than necessary. I noticed that the children had no difficulty in figuring out that the noises coming from the kitchen did not mean that Mama was in a good mood! I had to stop and abandon my bad attitude. I did, but I didn’t start making a joyful noise at all. Instead I was silent. Later I began to wonder how much of the time I am happy and /or contented and no one can tell because I am quiet.

Is there a way to bang the pots and pans that expresses joy? The children certainly think so! I often stop them from doing this as my noise tolerance is very low, but perhaps I should just join in instead!

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