Praying the Psalms:Weekly Challenge 1

This week we have read 11 passages from the Psalms ranging in mood from cries for help to statements of fact about God and his faithfulness. Now thinking over your experiences and your response to the Psalms, write a short piece of prose or poetry on one of the themes for this week and post it in the comments section:

The Law/Word of God
Pleasant Places
Keep me as the Apple of Thine Eye
God’s Instruments

Here is one to get you started:

Blessings come in many guises and many times we do not even realize we are being blessed until later. Here are a few things that I count as blessings when I stop to think about it:

Hugs and snuggles from the children
All of their myriad questions
Having patience
A chance to sit and write uninterrupted

Good friends who may not agree with me but still bless me in many ways…

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