Preschooler Cooking: Making Cooked Carrots

Kitchen Helper

Monday night is Su’s night to help in the kitchen and she chose to make cooked carrots as one of the vegetables. Here’s a brief summary of what she did and the things she learned:

She opened the fridge and counted out seven carrots (two step directions, counting).

She put the carrots on the counter, got a bowl for the peels and the vegetable peeler as well as something to stand on. (multi-step directions, sequencing).

She peeled each carrot and gave it to me to slice. (diligence, attention to detail, fine motor skills).

Su peels carrots.

She put the carrots in the pot and threw away the peels. She put the vegetable peeler away. (multi-step directions, attention to detail).

She tasted the carrots several times to see if they were ready. (observation, attention to detail).

She got out the brown sugar and butter, a table knife and a spoon. (following multi-step directions).

She added butter and brown sugar to the carrots and put them on the table with a serving spoon. She put away her ingredients, and put her tools in the sink. (following directions, attention to detail

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  1. Kendra says:

    Ok, plainly put, your kids are just simply adorable! And someday that little girl’s going to be another of those long, gracious, stunning S. ladies who’s jolly thankful her Mama taught her to fend for herself. 🙂 Kudos!

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