Preschooler Projects:Easy Needlepoint

Su has been asking for a while if I would teach her to sew. S and I talked about it and decided to get her a few things for Christmas: some plastic needlepoint canvasses, four different colors of yarn, and a couple of those blunt needles used for needlepoint. I had an old decorated basket floating around the house, so that is her sewing basket.

plastic canvas, yarn and a needle

Su's Sewing Basket

On Mondays F is at art class for two hours and Su and I have some special Mama and Daughter time. We usually have a cup of tea together and then we work on a project.? Since Christmas we have used that time to make two coasters with her needlepoint kit.

She sits on my lap and I help her figure out where to put the needle in and out. I try to let her do most of the work, although when we get close to the end it can be hard to pull the needle through. I also give her some guidance on where to sew to make a nice pattern. She chooses what color to sew with and we change colors every time we cut a new piece of yarn just to keep things interesting.

The pieces aren’t really complicated, and they are a mess on the back, with lots of loose ends. I sew a little piece of flannel on the back to cover all that up and figure she’ll improve with time.

Look what I did!

I’m really pleased with these projects, they fill several of the requirements for successful preschooler projects:

  • They can be completed in two or three sessions at most. Su will work on one for about twenty minutes and then she’s done.
  • It’s easy to see that progress is being made.
  • They make nice gifts for grandparents, friends etc. otherwise they’d become clutter.
  • They are creative and related to something that grownups do. Su was especially pleased when I told her that her great-grandmother did needlepoint. She feels a connection to her larger family through this project.
The one on the right is for Grandma and the one on the left for Grandaddy.

Completed Projects

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  2. Kendra says:

    Tell her Kendra saw her sewing project and thinks it’s beautiful and that she did a really good job 🙂

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