Quiet Days



There’s been a lot of this going on these days. Taking pictures of a sleeping baby, or just watching her sleep.

Slowly returning things to normal.

Today that meant making a batch of bread since we’ve used up the sandwich bread I made before she was born. Supervising Mouse doing jobs since she is having trouble remembering how to work and needs more practice. Letting Bull lie on the couch and look at books as he seems to have a slight stomach bug. Buggle and Jack playing together in the yard with the blocks Buggle made for the little boys to use in the sandbox.

Quiet, easing back into our regular activities. Using some of the easing to address attitudes and behaviors that need some work and to tweak schedules and job charts.

Another couple of weeks of this, gradually getting busier and we head off to Virginia to the Home Educators Association of Virginia’s annual convention. I need to start prepping for that. Making a final list of books for next year. Printing and marking up the map of the vendor hall with the places I want to buy and the vendors I need to visit and browse through.

Getting ready to spend time at the Special Needs Resource table as in previous years and prepping to assist at two Question and Answer panels on Special Needs Homeschooling.

Convention is one of the highlights of my year and I’m looking forward to the conversations and stimulation to get me excited about the new school year!


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