Recovery (And Planning)

Sometimes I just need to take a little time off. This past week has been one of those times. Not that I haven’t been working, it just hasn’t been blogging work!

Last weekend was the HEAV Convention which was great fun and very tiring as always. Thursday-Saturday spending time looking at materials, talking to vendors, talking to parents and doing special needs counseling is a lot of mental stimulation!

It was good and I have some projects coming out of it that I’ll be sharing with you as they develop. Still Sunday and Monday I needed to rest up and catch up with the mountain of laundry resulting from the combination of being out of the house for three days and the dryer quitting!

The rest of the week was occupied with finishing up math units before our summer break, going swimming with friends, writing lots of lesson plans!

I purchased some excellent materials at the convention and am looking forward to going through them with the children. As usual as I start to prepare lessons for them I find that I am going to be furthering my own education and I’m excited about that too.

I’ve also decided that I need to take more advantage of where we live and get us out of the house for more intentional study. With that in mind I’ve set up a regular visit to the cemetery/nature preserve in our neighborhood as part of our Tuesday morning Nature Study and a regular monthly visit to our local art museum to go along with our study of art history.

I’m hoping to also plan a regular visit to the Science Museum (since we have a membership) and other expeditions as they fit in with our studies. Jack is so easy going and the others have gotten big enough that going somewhere together is really pretty manageable especially if I’ve planned for it ahead of time.

In order to do that I’m cutting our “academic” days to three per week. On those days we’ll do Reading, Phonics and Math Then on Tuesdays we’ll do Nature and Unit Studies and leave Thursday as our flex day for errands, playdates, make-up days or whatever. I’m trying to consciously put time into the schedule to do things we find interesting but might not be able to plan ahead of time and for days to just relax and see what happens!

We’ll see what happens with all of this, I’m kind of feeling my way through it!

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