Relearning our rhythm

Trips are great fun and we always enjoy seeing family and friends, as well as long conversations in the car, trying out some new things and so on, but it was good to get home last week. Of course after being gone for a week, there was plenty to do in the house and the garden, besides the inevitable confusion of unpacking and putting everything back where it came from.

Since we start a new six-week school session today I wanted to clean out at least one more closet as well, so last week was a bit of a scramble. Still I thought that three days of scrambling followed by a return to our regular routine wouldn’t be too bad. Silly me! Of course we would need to adjust the schedule to allow for a change in our lives…

S came home from work on Friday to inform me that he had been named to a new work team and that this work team was going to have a conference call at 5:30 pm every day. He has been getting home around 6:30 in the evenings and we try to eat dinner within about 10 minutes of his arrival so that he can have some time with the children between dinner and bed. Now however he’ll be on a phone call until 6:30 pm then still have to get home, which will put his arrival time at about 7 pm. Time for a schedule change.

We think we are going to go to the English system of feeding the children earlier, letting them have their “Papa time” when he gets home and then eating after they go to bed. Making a few adjustments in the morning schedule too (always a bit tricky since neither F nor I wake up quickly), but we knew that that schedule needed some adjustment before F started school in September.

Anyway here we are starting a new six-week school session with several new subjects and also a new schedule. It’s definitely never dull around here!

More gifts:

  • safety coming and going on our trip
  • an overnight “date” with S provided by his sisters
  • good visits with family
  • his brother being ordained a deacon
  • new babies (the children have a total of six new cousins)
  • cousins playing together nicely
  • being back home
  • the garden isn’t too much of a jungle
  • starting a new school session (I love helping these children learn)
  • many, many tiny things that make up each day
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2 Responses to Relearning our rhythm

  1. Jeannine Uzel says:

    As a nurse, Jim and I have always had crazy schedules! You need “him and kid” time and “you and him time” feeding in shifts really works as long as everyone has hands on time with everyone! Ok- and I’ve been known to serve some really silly meals….breakfast for dinner, sandwhiches for dinner, SWEETENED (read- coca puffs) for dinner…but everyone still had time for everyone! Good luck!

  2. K_Steinmann says:

    Thanks, Jeannine…we’ve been on this new schedule for two days and both of them have been atypical (we hope). Hopefully we can give it a couple of weeks, re-evaluate and tweak as needed….K

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