Saturday Morning Musing

What a week!

Last week we were mostly home but still seeing some friends occasionally and getting out to parking lot Adoration at our parish where we could kneel out of doors and see our friends from a safe distance.

This week we have been almost entirely at home aside from one designated person running the necessary errands. Several days the weather was really crummy and the little children in particular seem to be feeling that they have not seen their friends in a week or more. We did try a virtual playdate for Daisy and Jack and it helped but didn’t really satisfy.

Lessons continue and the order that they bring to our days is so helpful! Some of them are done via Zoom with the friends with whom we were meeting prior to this and that little bit of interaction is also helpful. Some of the local moms and myself had a virtual Mom’s Night Out one evening also via Zoom and it was nice although some glitch at my end meant that no one could hear anything I said!

Since S is working from home for the foreseeable future, Mouse and I cleaned the master bedroom and rearranged it yesterday to make a better office space. We still need to sort through all of the stuff that was removed and is now sitting in the living room, but it still feels like progress!

Saturday mornings are my thinking times:

Things I am wondering:

The thoughts I am hearing from the professional statisticians and medical people I know make me think that this pandemic situation is going to ebb and flow for the next 18 months. This means that we won’t have the opportunity to return to “normal” until the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. I anticipate at the very least that we will be home quite a bit more in the next six months than we normally are and without the options for field trips, creek visits and so on.
 How do we structure our days? Should we take a spring break in April or May and double down on yard and garden projects before beginning a summer term of school? Should I stock up on projects and creative afternoon occupations.
How do we plan for structure in uncertain times?

I had begun mapping out a plan for schooling more year round earlier this year, with breaks between each twelve week term. Under that plan we would have a month long holiday in April – an Easter holiday to work on the yard and garden and enjoy the New England Spring! Then go back to lessons for a Summer Term in May, June, and July take August off, Autumn Term in September, October, November, December off for Advent as we typically do, and have a Winter Term in January, February, and March. With this pandemic business likely to drag on for a bit I am thinking that this is going to be a good plan to help us have structure and variety at the same time.

I feel as though I have been caught somewhat flat footed by all of this! But who has contingency  plans for a pandemic? I will take a good bit of my time over the weekend to plan and work out what we should do next and think about how to make us as comfortable as possible as we wait this out.

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