As I mentioned the other day Su is going through a pink phase. Whenever we go somewhere she is on the lookout for anything pink, the larger the better. Houses, cars and stores are especially appreciated. F, I think, gets a little tired of this and then we have conversations like this one.

In the van driving to the store:

Su: Look a pink (house or car or something). I like pink. Brother, do you like pink?

F: I like one pink. I only like pink a little.

Su: Mama, do you like pink?

Me: Not as much as you do.

F: Su likes five pink, but you only like three pink.

Su then got all confused and they had an argument.

Now two things are interesting to me about this:

1. We have studied comparative numbers but we haven’t used a scale for anything, so he came up with that on his own.

2. She asked for an emotional attachment to something (do you like pink?) and got information. I think that was the root of their argument although neither could articulate this.

Geek in the making you think?

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