Schedule Update

I was just flipping through old posts and realized that some things have changed in our schedule since our move and S’s new job and starting more formalized school with F.

Our new schedule looks something like this:

Before 7:30 am: Get up, have devotions,dress and eat

7:30 am: S leaves for the bus for work

8 am to 9:30 am: Morning work, dishes, daily housekeeping task, feed pets, etc. The children help for part or all of the time.

9:30 am to 10 am: Children have free play, I put the baby down for his nap, start a pot of coffee and do a few things that pre-schooler help is sub-optimal for (clean the bathroom etc.)

10am to11 (Su) and 11:30 (F): School. Su finishes before F so she has free play by herself or with W until I’m done with him.

11:30 am: I start lunch, the children do noon chores.

Noon to 1:30pm: Lunch and clean-up. If I?m cooking I try to do a few things at this point to make dinner prep easier. I try to have reading or singing time with each child.

1:30pm: Everyone is down for either naps or quiet-time. I read, plan school, write blog posts etc.

3:00 pm: Everyone up (no one is allowed out of bed until three), snack and free play until evening chores. On some days I do a special project with one child, or we go to the Farmer’s Market or the playground.

4:30pm: Evening chores

5:30 pm: I make dinner while F and Su do a quiet project at the kitchen table and help as I ask them to. I usually assign one as the kitchen helper and one as the baby-sitter. Sometime W takes a little rest time in his crib upstairs.

6:30 pm: S gets home and we eat

7:00 to 8:00 pm: Dinner clean-up, Papa time, prayers and bed.

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  1. K_Steinmann says:

    And I thought I was busy! Thanks to Laura at 11D for pointing me here.

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