Seeing Beauty and Creating It Too

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The other day I wrote about some of my thoughts on The Art of The House . As I was writing that I was thinking about some of the things that I do or should do to encourage the children to see the beauty around them and to incorporate that into their lives.

Here is a short list:

Things I Do:

  • Display Lego and other creations that the children have made “for pretty”
  • Set the table with serving dishes and candles
  • Try to de-clutter one space every day
  • Sometimes put vegetables or greens from the Farmer’s Market in a vase for a few days to be admired.
  • Point out things I see (birds, flowers etc.)

Things I should do:

  • Spend more time working with them to understand the difference between decorative and cluttered
  • Spend more time doing art projects with them in order to give them a larger foundation to work with
  • Go places with them where they can see other styles than mine and teach them to appreciate those too
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