September Goals: 3 in 30 Challenge

September already! Finally cooling off too, I’m down to only running the AC in the afternoon most days….starting to think about fall foods, fall gardens and what I need to do to better winterize this old house….

August recap:

Physical: Still not getting enough exercise – but I am getting more so I’m going to count that as an accomplishment. Trying to teach F how to ride independently safely so that I can do more riding without S needing to be along. I’m also thinking that I may well start doing more expeditions with just the Su and W while F is at school in the mornings…

September Goal: integrate more biking and walking into my daily and weekly routines.

Spiritual: The children are doing well with their memory work and we have started having a Bible Story and a craft after lunch and before naps every day. A good friend gave me a CD of the crafts their church made up for their Sunday School program so I’ve printed off six weeks worth and the children do the craft while I read the story. I put the crafts in a binder for each child so they can show them to S and tell him what they learned.

I’m still struggling to get my reading and prayer time. Mostly I think at this point it’s a lack of motivation. It’s silly. I know that I need to this, and I even “want” to but I don’t “get to it”. I am determining to do this in the mornings and am joining the Inspired to Action Hello Mornings Challenge to help with this.

September Goal: No blog post until I’ve had my devotions.

Household: Kitchen cleaning has happened 90% of the time. S has been really good about encouraging me in this and helping as well. It makes such a difference.

September Goal: Tweak 15 Minute Housekeeping so that it works as well as possible and build the habit in all of us….

Other than that I’ll just be continuing on with school and projects around here. Looking forward to seeing what others will be up to.


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5 Responses to September Goals: 3 in 30 Challenge

  1. Ruth Hill says:

    My hat goes off to you! You are really doing well! Those are huge goals–really big goals. Count every little step as an accomplishment and keep up the good work!

  2. Petra says:

    Those are huge goals! I’ve just started the 3 in 30 challenge and am already encouraged by the enthusiasm. Blessings to you and your goals!

    • K_Steinmann says:

      This is my fifth month and I find it really helps. They don’t feel like big goals to me, just baby steps on the road to a God-shaped life…K

  3. I know what it’s like to struggle with prayer and bible reading. If the truth be told and I can only speak for myself, it’s laziness. Prayer is real work. It’s warring in the spirit and us humans tend to be lazy. We like things handed to us. Even getting to know God is work.
    Like you, while I know I want to and need to, there’s this element of laziness that I have to force myself to overcome.

    • K_Steinmann says:

      That probably is a big piece of things for me too. It’s a whole lot easier to read blogs then study and pray! That’s why they call it a spiritual “discipline” isn’t it…..K

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