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This is a fun link up begun by a friend of mine- a different theme ?for every week all built around the idea of glimpses of each other’s lives!


I’m a list kind of a girl, and I generate a tremendous amount of paper! Keeping it all straight is a trick especially since I’m not a naturally organized person (or a tidy one) at all!

I do, however,?love planners and binders and without them I would really be lost. Here’s a brief look at my “system” such as it is!

School Planner


My School Binder:

This is a large (3 inch) binder with a section for the preschooler and first grader in the front, a divider and a section for the 3rd and 4th graders in the back. I gave up this year on finding a pre-made planner that I liked, or a printable one as there was simply never enough space for me to make all the jottings and notes that I like. Instead I came up with a two-page spread, of lessons on the left and a space for notes (broken down by subject) on the right. So far I’m pretty happy with it and will use it again next year with some minor tweaks.

Sticky Notes:

I use these all the time. In the school binder I use a different color for each child and write the day’s assignments on them. The children stick them to their desks, do the work, then throw away the note. I also use different colored notes in my planner for the year to list projects I want to do at a certain time, themes for the month, and special events.

File Holder:

file holder for school assignments


Again this is color coded. Each child has a folder for completed work, plus I have a couple for pages I’ve copied or printed for future use (I try to keep the contents down to a week or two in the future, paper clipped together). Once I have checked the work, it goes into the correct file until I can file it by month in the completed schoolwork file.


This is a new one but I think I am going to love it. Our new schoolroom setup has several sets of cubbies and I am finding that they make it so much easier to tidy the room at the end of the day. They also limit how much I am able to have in the schoolroom at any time, which helps keep the clutter to a minimum (or at least a manageable point)!

Please share your own organizing favorites and be sure to check out some of my friend?s posts!

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