Slowly, Slowly

I looked at the calendar this morning and counted the weeks between now and May 7 when Number 4 will make his or her appearance. Nine weeks if I count this week and eight if I don’t. Funny – last week when it was 10 weeks to go I felt like I had plenty of time, but 9 and 8 are not very big numbers and suddenly I’m feeling like I have a lot to do.

I have made progress in some areas- early greens have been planted and some of the organizing has been done. I cleared a bunch of stuff out of the utility/laundry room last week, and can walk through there again. F and Su had both their birthdays (5 and 4) and their birthday celebration, and W and I started a trial potty-training week.


I still need to:

  • Sort out, wash and put away the baby clothes
  • Make Su a few more things for summer, she currently has three dresses that aren’t too short!
  • Do the hospital tour.
  • Finish going through all of the paper that accumulates, between homeschooling, things that must be kept and filed, children who love to do crafts and a mother who’s always thinking of ideas and writing them down on legal pads.
  • In addition as the weather improves I really do like to take the children to the playground regularly, our yard is small and half occupied with my garden so they need some space to run.

    I keep telling myself “Just do a little bit today and tomorrow there will be less to do.” but sometimes that doesn’t even convince me!

    Ah, well, the boys are awake so I’ll go see if I can knock something off of my list!

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    2 Responses to Slowly, Slowly

    1. Kendra says:

      Grace to you… 🙂 Totally know the feeling! Although thankfully, my list is getting shorter, and if jellybean shows up early, at least we have all the basic necessities covered. Still gotta get a meal in the freezer and at least a rudimentary house cleaning done… Two weeks to the due date yesterday! Now if I can just get Ren out here in time… Dad’s not willing to relinquish her yet! 😀

    2. K_Steinmann says:

      I cut out five or six new dresses for Su today, so now I can work on them as I have time. Wish I could have the speedy Ren for a day or so, she’d probably get all the dresses knocked out before noon!…K

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