So Here We Are….

It’s winter.

The first snow that will actually stick is on the ground.

Our fall construction project (replace a length of rotted sill, do some other repairs and upgrade the old wiring to something that isn’t a fire hazard!) is done and I’m moving things back into the house from the POD in the backyard.

It’s a good thing to do this time of year. Rearrange spaces, evaluate what’s worth keeping and what we really don’t need.

I already have a box full of materials for the Used Curriculum Sale at the HEAV Convention in June and I may well end up with another one as well!

I’m re-imagining the use of the basement too. We do school upstairs in the biggest bedroom turned into a schoolroom. The big children have desks in their rooms and can go work there when they need more space without being too far away. The room is sunny and cheerful, a much better choice for schooling in a New England winter than the basement.

The basement is nice too. Finished for the most part, decently lit and with a lot of open floor space. I imagine it as space for play and company. A kind of family room crossed with a study, lined with books, but with space for Lego creations, and exercise equipment to keep people moving on the coldest days.

We have one fold-out bed and I’m searching for some kind of daybed (perhaps with a trundle) so that a family could be put up there with ease.

Our days are crowded with school and dance, choir and co-op. Church and CCD (Sunday School) plus whatever else happens to crop up. Some days seem just too full and are stressful. Others flow beautifully even though they were the stressful ones last month!

Either way we move on and try to give each other some grace.

Just a glimpse from the past few weeks will give some idea of how people are growing and what we’re doing!









I’m hoping to get back to more consistent blogging. ?I’ve got plenty of drafts written on paper, just need to find the time to type them up and get them published! I used to do that during naptime but this fall there were several adjustments that had to be made to naptime and it just took a while to settle out. I think we’ve found our rhythm again though so my working hours are more or less back on the schedule and once I’ve taken care of my backlog of lesson planning I’ll be writing again.

I’ve got some great ideas for articles and for printables as I’ve worked out some of the kinks in our home systems and gotten the solutions onto paper.


Anyway, time to go call the children from naps ?and get onto the evening stuff!

See you soon!


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