So Much To Do

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Today is the opening of the HEAV Convention! I’ve been working all week to have the house in order for me to essentially be gone for two and a half days. I still have a bunch to do though:

  • The laundry is mostly caught up- I need to fold two more loads and make sure the children have put it away.
  • I need to make lunch food for the babysitter to serve on Friday and Saturday, and lunch food to take with me Friday and Saturday.
  • I need to print more business cards.
  • I need to pack up my convention binder and add a couple more things to it.
  • Make sure the camera is charged and put it in my bag.
  • Print off and fill out the forms for the Children’s Program on Friday which Buggle and Mouse will be attending
  • I don’t have to worry about dinner tonight but I do need to do some prep so I can leave dinner in the crockpot tomorrow morning.
  • Hmm- longish list but doable.

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