Some Days Are Supposed To Be Tiring

Actually all the days are supposed to be tiring and some of them will be more tiring than others. One of those duh! realizations that hits you at 2:40 am when you’ve been trying to get back to sleep after be awakened by a child at 11:10 pm and your brain just won’t SHUT UP!

Here’s the train of thought:

1. A few weeks ago some local mamas and I were at the park together and we got to talking about how we wanted more children and why, oh, why do our husbands object or hesitate on this and give as an argument that we seem “overwhelmed” or “tired out”. One conclusion was that men aren’t multi-taskers in general and most of the men in question are really hyper focused kinds of people and that they felt overwhelmed when they tried to pay attention to several littles at once. And we (the mamas) do tend to tell the papas everything that was tough during the day because we a: want to talk to a grown-up and b: want them to know what’s going on with the family.

2. I’d been reading through the archives on Catholic All Year this weekend and had run across a post where Kendra Tierney mentioned that homeschooling went better when she thought of it as a job, (I don’t remember which post and her archives are worth reading so head on over there) Something I’ve read before and one of the reasons I try to dress for school myself as well as the children but….

3. I laid down in bed (again) and things popped together! Parenting and schooling and keeping a house is work and work makes us tired (we can argue later about whether or not tiredness is an effect of the Fall, work still makes us tired). Our husbands come home from work tired and some days they are more tired than others, and we should expect to reach our evenings tired and some evenings to be more tired than others.

So those days when you do lots of activities and you are ready to sit still and put your feet up by four pm? Normal

And those days when the two year old whines all day about obscure passages of “The Two Year Old’s Guide to Life” that you keep violating and when your husband comes home your mental energy is completely sapped…. Normal

This is work. And it wears on us and wears us out and we trust the Lord for Grace and Rest and Strength to do it all over again….

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