Sometimes I’m not in the mood…

Call it hormones, the residue of the somewhat heated discussion we’d had the night before or whatever, but yesterday I woke up “just not in the mood to be thankful”.? That mood persisted all through getting ready for church, going to church, sitting through Sunday School, and halfway through the sermon….I kept thinking “OK, Lord, where’s the grace? I’m in church and I’m just as grumpy as I was before I came.”

Then it hit me- on some level I was enjoying my “grump” and I couldn’t experience grace or be thankful while holding on to negative thoughts, unkind feelings and a frown in the general direction of the entire universe. I had to give those things up. The grace was there, if I would only stop ignoring it. And I did receive grace, and I did repent, and find the ability to be thankful for all of the multitudinous gifts of the past week.

  • going to the HEAV convention
  • catching up with old friends
  • a good friend who watches the children with grace and love
  • children who are eager to learn “Mom, did you get new schoolbooks?”
  • Air Conditioning
  • The neighborhood fountain to play in
  • Su who wakes up so cheerful in the morning
  • S who takes her downstairs with him so I don’t get bounced on
  • encouragement both given and received


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6 Responses to Sometimes I’m not in the mood…

  1. I totally understand what you mean about sometimes somehow enjoying the grump. I get that way too.

  2. Hannah says:

    Know how you feel!


    • K_Steinmann says:

      I think our culture tells us that we have the “right” to be grumpy, complain etc.

      “Oh, I’m having bad PMS this month.”
      Well there may be plenty of reasons but we need to see them as reasons not excuses.


  3. Oh, I’ve been there! All last week I was struggling with negativity that made me angry all the time…we can always find someone to blame, but in the end it’s always up to ME how I react. Not a pleasant lesson to learn, but an important one…

  4. Corea says:

    Those dreaded grumps!!!! They attack all of us at times, don’t they? It’s great to hear the truth from others and to know there IS a solution and that we CAN make the right decision to react properly. Loved your list today. Thank you!

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