Spring Has Sprung! And Mouse Has Grown….

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It has finally gotten warm here in Massachusetts and that means that Mouse and I are changing over our wardrobes! Time to pack away the corduroy skirts and jumpers, fleece lined leggings and bring out the cottons and lighter layers!

This is pretty easy for me as I generally wear the same dresses year round and just add a long sleeved shirt or turtleneck under them in cooler weather. I have several rayon dresses that I particularly love to wear this way and in warm weather I just wear them with a t-shirt instead.

I love skirt and t-shirt/blouse layered outfits as well and will probably dig through my fabric stash in the next couple of weeks to make a couple more cotton skirts to replace my heavier winter things.

Mostly I choose clothing based on it’s “I don’t have to mess with it once I’m dressed” factors and then think about how it looks! Today we have a a gym class to attend so I’ll try to pick something that doesn’t make me look like a tired-out and harassed homeschool mother probably a skirt and blouse combo with sport sandals!

I’ll wear something similar to the Mass Hope Homeschool Convention this weekend. I’m taking the children and expect I’ll be wearing the Ergo and Jack most of the day and skirts work well for that.

So Mouse…..

As I’ve mentioned before I try to have the children wear school clothes during school hours as I find it improves attitudes! I had purchased some school uniform jumpers for Mouse and we have found them so comfortable and versatile that when a friend came and did some sewing for me I had her make several similar jumpers for play!

The three Navy corduroy ones (each with different trim to keep things interesting) are too hot now, so I’ll put them away until fall (by which time they’ll probably be too small), but the three brown ones are her “go-to” play dresses.

We’ve found jumpers to be the best solution for her for several reasons:

  • She can easily put them on and off by herself and doesn’t need me to fasten them
  • She can tuck her shirt into her leggings or shorts and hang upside down, run around, dig holes and climb trees without having to worry
  • wpid-20140422_183636.jpg

  • Jumpers are quicker and easier to make than dresses, which at the rate she grows and as hard as she can be on clothes is a good thing
  • She can easily dress them up or down by changing her shirt style or adding a cute apron or other accessories. A white collared blouse dresses things up, while a t-shirt or polo shirt makes things more casual.
  • We both like things that we don’t have to mess with and that have plenty of color and she certainly experiments with color combinations to find what’s cute and suits her mood.

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    3 Responses to Spring Has Sprung! And Mouse Has Grown….

    1. Dusty says:

      She is so cute! I love the picture of her on the playground! It’s interesting that you use school uniforms! I wouldn’t have thought of doing that.

    2. Cynthia says:

      She looks lovely. It is wonderful that you make your own skirts. I need to take the time to learn to sew…I’d love to make my own.

      • Kyndra Steinmann says:

        I have two “go-to” patterns for skirts. One is an African circle skirt, which takes an enormous amount of fabric but basically requires no more sewing than a hem and a waistband. The other is a gathered skirt with a waistband. There are some good skirt making tutorials on Pinterest…K

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