Starting The Year Off Clean and Organized!

As usual I was scrambling until the last minute on Christmas projects. I should have started sooner, but also it’s a little tricky to make things in front of the children now that they’ve gotten big enough to notice that I’m doing something interesting and ask questions.

I wanted to make Su a dress for Christmas, so I worked on that during nap-time, and finished it Christmas Eve, along with a matching bow tie for F. They were very pleased with the results although I think I need to tweak the dress pattern a bit before I use it again.

Su Christmas Dress

Anyway between finishing projects, a 10 pm Christmas Eve service followed by a gathering of friends at our house, church again Christmas morning then out to my folks for the evening, and church again on Sunday (complicated by several inches of snow, I’m so glad we can walk in bad weather), the house is an amazing disaster and there is an mountain of laundry.

I had been planning to do school this week, but have put that aside at least until Thursday in favor of doing a thorough cleaning and finishing the organizing and re-organizing that seems to be an essential part of moving for me.

Yesterday S watched the children for a couple of hours while I worked on the office/schoolroom (our usual dumping space!).? I threw away two bags of trash (most of which we had moved with us!) and put aside two boxes of stuff to give away.

Today the task is laundry I’m on my fourth and fifth ( or is it fifth and sixth loads) and have another three or four to go. Hopefully I’ll get it all done, folded and maybe even ironed. Then tomorrow I can clean (that is wash things, mop the floors and such).

I don’t want to lose our momentum with school right now but I kind of figure that since we were supposed to be out of town part of the week anyway I might as well take this time and figure it will make getting back into our regular schedule easier.

It is encouraging somehow to watch things get back into order, much as I dislike house-cleaning I need to remember how relaxed I feel when everything is in order.

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  1. Kendra says:

    Can’t get over how adorable this photo is! And the dress really does look great. I bet girl-girl *was* pleased! And I further bet it took brother the entire day to get over the astonishing thrill of matching with her. I miss those kiddos…

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