St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Homeschool Co-op

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Established for the 2015-2016 school year the Elizabeth Ann Seton Homeschool Co-op is now preparing for its fourth year of operation. We are an intentionally Catholic, parent taught co-op serving a multitude of ages and skill levels in Agawam, Massachusetts. We welcome other homeschoolers to participate in our classes and activities regardless of church affiliation or faith.



Intentionally Catholic means:

  • All classes and subjects are taught from a Catholic perspective and worldview
  • We begin the “school day” with devotions, prayer, and memory work
  • We celebrate the major feasts during the school year as a co-op


Classes are held on Mondays from 9-12:00 with Mass at 8 am for those who are able.

 Clubs run in the afternoons with a Lunch n’ Play period at noon.

Spring  Classes begin January 7, 2019 and run for 12 weeks

Registration for Spring Classes is now open.

Download Spring Course Descriptions here: St.-Elizabeth-Ann-Seton-Co-op-Spring-2019-Courses.pdf (126 downloads)

Current families may make any course changes by emailing the co-op coordinator.

New Families may register by filling out our online registration form. Please fill out one Registration Form per child. Fees for classes are included in the form. There is also a $10 per child registration fee which is capped at $40 per family. Fees are collected on the first day of classes. Fees are paid directly to teachers.

Each family will also need to fill out a Volunteer/Support Track Form. We will do our best to place parents and students in the classes and positions requested but may not be able to schedule everything to suit everyone.


St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church

833 Main Street

Agawam, MA 01001

Inquiries: email kfsteinmann (at) gmail (dot) com


Age Groups/Classes:

Our students are grouped by age rather than grade to allow the children to be placed in classes according to ability (or the class the best friend is enrolled in). Parents are asked to read class descriptions carefully and to work with teachers to ensure the best placement. Class descriptions can be downloaded here:  St.-Elizabeth-Ann-Seton-Co-op-Fall-2018-Courses-3.pdf (274 downloads)

Age Groups are:

Nursery: (0-3 years) – free play with age appropriate toys and books

Tots: (2-4 years)- combination of age appropriate classes and free play

Primary: (4-6 years)- classes are structured to provide opportunities for minds and bodies to grow with a gentle introduction to more formal learning and classroom ettiquette.

Form One: (6-8 years)-  Classes offer students opportunities to feed their curiosity through hands-on activities, listening, and classroom discussion

Form Two: (8-12 years) – Classes help students to grow in attention and perseverance while feeding their curiosity with in depth studies in multiple subject areas.

Form Three: (12-14 years) – These students are ready for a challenge, and their classes provide opportunities to write, present, and hone their learning skills in multiple subject areas.

High School: High School classes are not age limited but include any students who are ready for the challenge of critical reading, thinking, writing, and presenting. From Fine Arts to Sciences, high school students earn credits towards their transcripts through group classes and individual Table Tutoring.

As a general guideline birthdays should be within one month of the start of co-op although this is not required.



This year we are beginning a series of afternoon clubs to provide social opportunities for children to enjoy shared activities and interests. Clubs meet after lunch on co-op day and last about 90 minutes. Some clubs meet weekly while others meet once a month.

Current club offerings are:

Lego Club- ages 4 and up, meets weekly

Game Club- ages 4 and up, meets weekly, games vary between Chess, Board Games, and Card Games

Woodworking Club- ages 8 and up, meets monthly

Arts and Crafts Club- ages 4 and up, meets monthly

Choir- ages 8 and up, meets weekly to practice and learn, presents an Advent Lessons and Carols in the church on the second Sunday in Advent.

Students may sign up for clubs only. Parents will need to sign up to volunteer for one hour.

Parental Support

We know that homeschooling can be tough and that sometimes moms and dads need a chance to fellowship and learn as well. With that in mind, we are offering a “Parent Track” this year during our morning classes. Parents can choose from the following:

Coffee and Conversation: 9:00-10:00am

Exercise Class: 10:00-11:00 am

Bible Study: 11:00-noon

We hope you enjoy these offerings and we are open to suggestions for other parental support options.

Fees and Volunteering:

Because, we are a parent taught co-op, fees consist of the cost of supplies for a particular subject for the semester and generally run from $5-$45 per student enrolled in a particular class.

We require parents to volunteer in some capacity. Lead Teachers are certainly always needed but we also have volunteer opportunities for support staff  and in our “Mom Support” program. To sign up to volunteer click here:

To submit a class for consideration please use the Course Description Form


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