Survival Mode

Some days we just seem to need to get into survival mode. Last weekend Jack started with another cold and by Sunday it was clear that Bull had it too. Monday Buggle ran a fever and lay around all day, and Mouse woke up all congested. We did a little school, not many chores and no one went outside (the day had started with freezing rain although it warmed up).

Tuesday I felt crummy too- exhausted which was weird since Jack had slept all night. No school for the boys and only bits of school for Mouse, I tried to do some sewing. The weather warmed up though and Buggle’s fever went away so the two big children were able to get outside for a bit.

Bull stayed in as he was running around in underwear and a t-shirt, since he woke up in the morning and decided to be potty-trained! This is typical of him (and a subject for a future post on the differences in learning style among my children). He is taking himself without reminders from me, so I’m thinking we’re on our way to only one child in diapers!

Anyway the house is rather messy around the edges- actually in the middle too- so I will be doing a minimum of school today, while encouraging the children to spend time outside and doing some catch-up!

Sometimes that is just the way things have to roll.

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