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Thinking Aloud

Last night while I was falling asleep my mind was drifting to the comments I sometimes get when people realize that we will soon have four preschoolers. “Better you than me.” “You must be so busy.” “How do you do … Continue reading

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Encouraging One Another Brings A Change in Atmosphere

As you know I’ve named this year “Encouragement” and have been trying to focus on noticing and pointing out to the children where they do well and how that blesses all of us. I’m not wanting to become a constant … Continue reading

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Joy Dare: February 2 & 3

For February 2: Three things overheard – all gifts Su on the couch with Go Dogs Go reading it to W and making him repeat the words after her. “I’m teaching him to read.” she said. F in his room … Continue reading

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Joy Dare: February 1

I’m trying to participate in Ann Voskamp’s February Joy Dare listing three things that brought joy each day. Yesterday’s challenge was to notice these things at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm: 11:30 am: Finishing the errand running for … Continue reading

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Naming the Year:Encouragement

I ran across this idea while reading Ann Voskamp’s blog and was intrigued by it. Naming things helps to bring them into focus and keep them in focus. I’ve been reflecting in the back of my mind about this for … Continue reading

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Not the Morning Star

On Sunday our assistant priest preached to a small congregation. Christmas on Sunday is always tricky and most people had come for the Christmas Eve service instead. We packed ourselves into the choir stalls in the chancel and listened to … Continue reading

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So What Am I Thankful For?

The past few days I’ve really been struggling with attitude. Not the children’s but mine. Although I know that I should be thankful and that I have many things to praise God for I haven’t been able to force those … Continue reading

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Teaching Children Through Goal Setting

As parents we have a responsibility to teach our children how to be fully functioning adults. We not only need to teach them how to dress and feed themselves we also need to teach them both directly and by example … Continue reading

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Brief Update

It happened again. The first trimester ended and like a switch flipping suddenly my energy returned. Yesterday was the first day in several months that I haven’t desperately needed a nap by 12:30 pm and since nap-time is usually my … Continue reading

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3in30 Update: First Week of School

This was a bit of a topsy-turvy week as we all tried to get used to a new schedule of taking F to school at 8 am and picking him up around noon. Plus it rained heavily most of the … Continue reading

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