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Prepping for Next Week – Seven Quick Takes

The key to a successful week for me is to prepare for next week at the end of this one! As time goes on I get a better and better sense of exactly what that looks like: — 1 — … Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about needing to get back into a good chore routine and in particular needing to follow up and inspect to make sure the jobs were done well. I’ve been doing that for about … Continue reading

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Almost Finished!

It’s the little things that are holding me up now. The “where do I put this?” stuff that doesn’t really fit into any of the existing categories, but I still need to keep around. Every room has been gone through, … Continue reading

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Ahhhh or Maybe AHHHHHH!

If you wonder why I’ve been absent for several weeks, the answer is simple. I’ve been doing a massive clean and re-organize the house and I have literally had no brain power for anything else. No schooling, no writing, no … Continue reading

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Behavioral Charting

One of the things that I find most difficult as a mother is being consistent with child-training. Sometimes I feel like no matter how much I train on an issue it is not getting better (and may be getting worse) … Continue reading

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Tweaking the Schedule

Now that all of our traveling is over for a while, we’ve jumped back into “full-time” school! F is just beginning second grade (about 40 lessons in) and Su is just finishing first (about 40 lessons left) and W is … Continue reading

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Checklists and Tidy Rooms

Any mother knows that one of the most frustrating things is keeping the children’s rooms cleaned up. We don’t want to do it ourselves, but enforcing clean room standards can be a daily battle and who wants a daily battle? … Continue reading

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The Floor and My Brain

During these days after J’s birth, my friend L and I have been concentrating on organizing and purging the house. When we moved here almost two years ago, I purged a lot of things rather than move them, and have … Continue reading

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Organizing Sewing Patterns

One of the great frustrations of my sewing closet has been handling patterns. Not only are commercial patterns hard to handle and almost impossible to get back into their envelopes once unfolded, but many of my patterns are copied from … Continue reading

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Dividing the Time

F was on spring break from his preschool this past week and I decided it would be a good time to test our summer schedule! Since we do school at home year round there isn’t a whole lot of difference … Continue reading

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