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What Are We Learning?: Preschool and Form 1

Two weeks into this term of school and I wanted to share a bit about what the three and six year old are learning and will be learning. Our terms run for twelve weeks so this is what I have … Continue reading

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Work Trays : A Montessori Tool That Works Well In The Homeschool Classroom

When I started homeschooling six years ago it was easy. The eldest child and I sat at the table while his sister took her morning nap and we did his lessons. He was (and is) a very focused individual who … Continue reading

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Games and Playdates

As the weather has slowly improved we’ve been spending more times outside and more time with friends. We have a semi-weekly playdate at a local playground. Two to five mothers, a gaggle of children and a brick wall around the … Continue reading

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What We’re Up To These Days

It’s a little hard to see but F has taken to cycling while wearing a cape! Every chance he has he’s out on his bike! Su’s bike is broken at the moment (and she’s not as good a rider yet) … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones

Yesterday it was humid and looked like rain so I asked the children to clean up their toys in the back yard, while I brought in the bikes and the chariot. They needed some coaching with this (for some reason … Continue reading

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