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Raising Engineers On A Rainy Day

So what do you do when it’s muddy out? Small inside, and brains and hands need occupation? Break out the play-dough and the blocks and have a little lesson on the importance of mortar when building! Pin It

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Ten Uses For A Kitchen Timer

I love having a kitchen timer or two around the house! OK, if I count the one on the oven I actually have three and have been known to use them all simultaneously! Here are a few of the ways … Continue reading

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An Alternate Ending To Kipling’s Elephant’s Child

Backstory: The Just So Stories are a great favorite around here and the Elephant’s Child is probably the one we love the most. Bull thinks it’s very funny for me to pretend to be the crocodile and (gently) bite his … Continue reading

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T is for Tracks!

Bull’s B book was so much fun I decided to do another one. Focusing on the “b” sound for a week started to help him hear it in words he mispronounces so I decided to do a T book last … Continue reading

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Games and Playdates

As the weather has slowly improved we’ve been spending more times outside and more time with friends. We have a semi-weekly playdate at a local playground. Two to five mothers, a gaggle of children and a brick wall around the … Continue reading

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Apple Tree, Apple Tree…

Bull and I are continuing to work on learning to count to ten. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been using an apple tree theme to create a counting book for him. I pre-cut all the pieces during one … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring!

Right about this time of year, I am ready to start planting things. Generally the weather tantalizes me with a few nice days and then returns to winter grey and cold. When that happened this year I decided to do … Continue reading

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Jack: Ten Months

Jack apparently decided that the best way to celebrate being nearly a year old (already?!!) was to wean himself. Cold Turkey. None of that gradually eating more food and drinking less milk for him. Nope, he just quit between naptime … Continue reading

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Half As Many Preschoolers

This week is birthday week for Buggle and Mouse! He’ll turn 6 on Wednesday and she will be 5 on Friday. That’s right they are a year and a day apart except in a leap year! Suddenly I will only … Continue reading

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One of the first teaching jobs I had was as a reading tutor. I worked with several little boys who all had speech difficulties that had hindered their ability to read. All of them were receiving speech therapy and my … Continue reading

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