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One of the first teaching jobs I had was as a reading tutor. I worked with several little boys who all had speech difficulties that had hindered their ability to read. All of them were receiving speech therapy and my … Continue reading

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Creating: Downloads for Quiet Projects

Last week I talked about some of the important reasons to create quiet in our homes and this week I thought I would give you the opportunity to download some of the materials I use for one of our scheduled … Continue reading

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Schooling Update

We are now three days behind the lesson plans I made three weeks ago: I had a bad head cold last week and was too foggy to teach. Also we had one really nice day and several days that were … Continue reading

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Using That Twice as Fast Processing Speed!

The bread is rising on the counter, the roast is in the oven, W is down for his morning nap and F and Su are outside in the sand-box. Time for a cup of coffee before I go upstairs and … Continue reading

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Silverware and School Readiness

When we think about how to prepare our children for school we think about teaching them their colors, shapes, how to count etc. How often do we think about how our daily activities help prepare them for school? Many of … Continue reading

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