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And It Was Summer (or at least time for a summer schedule)

One of the things that I have learned about myself in eleven years of parenting, is that I am easily distracted and driven off on wild rabbit trails! Any time we have the opportunity to just let things go, I … Continue reading

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The Tasks That Smooth My Days

“Tis the season of activities! Lessons, co-op, soccer for two, dance for four, church, Sunday School…. I’m tired just typing the list! The busyness of the schedule feels chaotic and the days spin by on their own until I don’t … Continue reading

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Ten Uses For A Kitchen Timer

I love having a kitchen timer or two around the house! OK, if I count the one on the oven I actually have three and have been known to use them all simultaneously! Here are a few of the ways … Continue reading

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Early Rising

This week I went back to a schedule that works well for us but is completely unnatural for me! I started getting up at 5:30 am and waking the children at 6 am if they weren’t awake yet. It really … Continue reading

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First Days of Spring

The past several days have been pretty and warmish. Warm enough to tempt us all outside, even Jack got to play on the porch in the sun! I’ve adjusted the schedule to make room-time later by two hours which gives … Continue reading

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Prepping for Next Week – Seven Quick Takes

The key to a successful week for me is to prepare for next week at the end of this one! As time goes on I get a better and better sense of exactly what that looks like: — 1 — … Continue reading

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Just a Short Post

After a busy week of preparations for Christmas, Bull’s birthday, Christmas pageant at church (I’ll be posting pictures once I have some), Christmas Eve service (for which I was able to robe and sing with the choir), Christmas Day Feast … Continue reading

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Tweaking the Schedule

Now that all of our traveling is over for a while, we’ve jumped back into “full-time” school! F is just beginning second grade (about 40 lessons in) and Su is just finishing first (about 40 lessons left) and W is … Continue reading

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A New Thing

Sometimes you know something isn’t working very well, but being in the situation means you can’t easily see the solution. We’ve known for a long time that our evenings after S got home from work weren’t satisfying either of us: … Continue reading

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A Day Of Blessings?

Some days don’t begin so well…. Yesterday actually started going badly about 10:30 on Wednesday night when Su came and climbed into bed with us. Usually this means she’s had a bad dream. She comes in, snuggles for a few … Continue reading

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