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Each year as we enter the Season of Lent, I get the privilege of experiencing Lent myself, but also seeing it through the eyes of each of the children. From the three-year old who is so enthusiastic about “giving up … Continue reading

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Just Relax (A Parenting Lesson Learned)

  I’m an uptight person. I like things to go according to schedule. I like plans to work out exactly. And I have five kids.   In my early parenting years, I was in a church situation and environment that … Continue reading

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It’s Early Morning

It’s early morning here. Still dark out but everyone is up except Daisy. She woke earlier and nursed and bit me and went back to sleep. Thankfully we have a morning routine that allows the bouncy people to be bouncy … Continue reading

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Changes, Changes

I find blogging somewhat difficult (actually pretty much impossible) when there is stuff going on in our lives that I’m not yet free to share! It’s not always the reason I get quiet, sometimes life just happens and sometimes (rarely) … Continue reading

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The Realization That Revolutionized My Parenting

My children and I are not at war “Well, duh!” you say, “Of course not!” Of course not? Then why do we talk and act as if we were? Haven’t we all said and heard these kinds of things: “I … Continue reading

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Learning How To Have Personal Devotions

This post contains affiliate links. One of the things that I’ve been wondering how to do for a while is to teach the older children how to have devotions and pray. I want them to have not only a good … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Reading: Providing Good Books

A lot of reading is happening around our house these days! Sometimes it looks like this: And sometimes it’s just the long hour and a half of quiet in the afternoons while the little boys nap. Buggle is getting through … Continue reading

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Talking with someone the other day and she asked me “Do you think you’ll have more children?” “Jack’s not a baby anymore.” I said. “But you’re so busy and the children are so wearying. Do you really think you should? … Continue reading

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(This post contains affiliate links) Funny how something I’ve been reading and something I hear can come together into a new set of thoughts and even the beginning inklings of an adjustment in direction. I recently finished Clay Clarkson’s Heartfelt … Continue reading

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Extra Jobs

One thing that has been an ongoing struggle for us in training Mouse has been working with her tendency to dawdle or pretend that she can’t do something that we’ve asked her to do. We know she is pretending because … Continue reading

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