Taking A Break

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In the past couple of weeks I’ve realized that the number of projects I have going is pretty near capacity and that in order to do them well I’m either going to have to invent a longer day, develop a smarter brain or carve out some space somewhere!

When I added to that the weird schedule we’ve had the last month with summer classes and camps and the reorganizing and behind the scenes work that needs to be done on the blog (after 3 years it really is due for an overhaul) and the way that September is filling up fast I decided that I should just take a break from publishing posts for a while.

Originally I was going to resume after we go out to visit S’s family in September (I always take a break then as they have no internet) but when we get back we have a very full schedule including catering a friend’s wedding so I’ve actually decided to take a break until the first of October.

Now this isn’t a complete break. I’ll still be writing posts for later, I’ll still be posting the information for the Art Museum Expeditions and nature walks, but I’ll be primarily focusing on other things and won’t be doing a lot of social media either. I basically get 10-12 hours a week to study and think and I need to maximize that time to complete some projects in order to keep offering good content here and in other places as well as to keep our schooling at the level I prefer.

Don’t worry! I’ll be back- and would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for a clear mind and good discernment and discipline as I seek to work out my calling to His Glory…K

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